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Tell Me a Picture

Tell Me a Picture

Blake Quentin 
edizioni Pgw collana Pgw (Paperback), 2006

What’s in a painting, or an illustration? Renowned artist Quentin Blake wants to know, and to encourage young readers to explore the question, too. In Tell Me a Picture, he chooses 26 works for the stories they tell. Uccello’s grand and gorgeous Saint George and the Dragon is here, as well as works by 20th-century...

€ 15,10
Stealing the Mona Lisa

Stealing the Mona Lisa

Leader Darian 
edizioni Pgw collana Pgw (Hardcover), 2003

When the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911, it was over twenty-four hours before anyone noticed it was missing. Afterward, countless people flocked to see the empty space where it had once been on display. What could have drawn these crowds to stare at a blank wall? Many of them had never seen the painting...

€ 22,10