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Walking for Fitness

Walking for Fitness

Caron Marnie  Sport Medicine Council of British Columbia 
edizioni Pgw collana Pgw (Paperback), 2007

Walking is the most popular physical activity in North America, and for good reason: it can be done by people of all ages and all levels of physical ability, the risk of injury is low, and it doesn’t require a carload of expensive equipment. Best of all, brisk walking for just 30 minutes four times a week reduces the...

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The Beginning Runner's Handbook

The Beginning Runner's Handbook

Macneill Ian  Caron Marnie  Clement Doug M.D. (FRW) 
edizioni Pgw collana Pgw (Paperback), 2005

At the core of this popular guide is "the program" ? a 13-week walk/run plan designed to turn anyone into a runner, without injury. Originally developed by sports medicine physicians and refined through three years of clinics and responses from runners, it explains precisely how the beginner should train every day...

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Bach Marilyn L. Ph.D.  Schleck Lorie 
edizioni Pgw collana Pgw (Paperback), 2003

ShapeWalking goes beyond most fitness walking programs by adding toning and stretching to an aerobic walking regimen. Exercisers use their own body weight and portable exercise bands for strength training to help control weight, develop muscle, and prevent or reverse bone density loss. Addressing people of all fitness...

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