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Starter's Guide to Verilog 2001

Starter's Guide to Verilog 2001

Ciletti Michael D. 
edizioni Prentice Hall collana Prentice Hall (Paperback)

Introducing the Verilog HDL in a brief format, this book presents a selected set of the changes the popular hardware underwent in its first revision—emerging as IEEE Std 1364-2001 or Verilog-2001. It addresses the main features that support the design of combinational and sequential logic, and emphasizes synthesizable...

€ 100,10
Verilog Digital Computer Design

Verilog Digital Computer Design

Arnold Mark Gordon 
edizioni Prentice Hall collana Prentice Hall (Hardcover)

Shows how to design complex digital and computer systems by understanding them as algorithms and coding them in implicit style Verilog, using Verilog's non-blocking assignment features. Describes the fundamental goals, structure, and behavior of Verilog, its simulation techniques for Mealy machines and bottom-testing...

€ 80,50