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Socratic Citizenship

Socratic Citizenship

Villa Dana Richard 
edizioni Princeton Univ Pr collana Princeton Univ Pr (Paperback), 2001

Many critics bemoan the lack of civic engagement in America. Tocqueville's ''nation of joiners'' seems to have become a nation of alienated individuals, disinclined to fulfill the obligations of citizenship or the responsibilities of self-government. In response, the critics urge community involvement and renewed education...

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Democratic Rights

Democratic Rights

Brettschneider Corey 
edizioni Princeton Univ Pr collana Princeton Univ Pr (Hardcover), 2007

When the Supreme Court in 2003 struck down a Texas law prohibiting homosexual sodomy, it cited the right to privacy based on the guarantee of "substantive due process" embodied by the Constitution. But did the court act undemocratically by overriding the rights of the majority of voters in Texas? Scholars often point...

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