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Jung on Evil

Jung on Evil

Jung C. G.  Stein Murray  Stein Murray (INT) 
edizioni Princeton Univ Pr collana Princeton Univ Pr (Paperback), 1996

Well-known for his articulation of the "shadow side" of human individuality and culture, C. G. Jung wrote a great deal about the question of evil throughout his life and in scattered places in his work. In this book his position is pieced together from many sources. In his early work on the unconscious, for instance,...

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A Poisoned Chalice

A Poisoned Chalice

Freedman Jeffrey 
edizioni Princeton Univ Pr collana (Hardcover), 2002

A Poisoned Chalice tells the story of a long-forgotten criminal case: the poisoning of the communion wine in Zurich's main cathedral in 1776. The story is riveting and mysterious, full of bizarre twists and colorful characters--an anti-clerical gravedigger, a hard-drinking drifter, a defrocked minister--who come to...

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