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Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

Mukherjee Sraban  Robinson Libby (FRW) 
edizioni Sage Pubns collana Sage Pubns (Paperback), 2014

Worldwide, organizations invest heavily on their employees to enhance their capabilities and manage growth and build competitive advantage. Through a comprehensive approach, Corporate Coaching shows how organizations can use coaching as a development tool to improve the effectiveness of employees at all levels of management....

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Guptan Sunil Unny 
edizioni Sage Pubns collana Sage Pubns (Paperback), 2011

This guide is for executives, for prospective executive coaches, and for professionals in human resources departments who want to create a coaching culture in their organizations. Written in an inspirational, conversational tone, the guide overviews the entire executive coaching process and offers cases based on real...

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The Coaching Organization

The Coaching Organization

Hunt James M.  Weintraub Joseph R. 
edizioni Sage Pubns collana Sage Pubns (Paperback), 2006

The Coaching Organization: A Strategy for Developing Leaders is the only book to provide practical advice on how a company can strategically manage coaching initiatives that strengthen organizations and enhance employee engagement and growth. Authors James M. Hunt and Joseph R. Weintraub offer best practices to help...

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