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Manufacturing Depression

Manufacturing Depression

Greenberg Gary 
edizioni Simon & Schuster collana Simon & Schuster (Hardcover), 2010

"A provocative assessment of depression care by a psychotherapist and long-time sufferer challenges American approaches to the disease, urging readers to reevaluate depression as a condition that does not necessarily require medication. By the author of The Noble Lie."

€ 21,50
The Antidepressant Solution

The Antidepressant Solution

Glenmullen Joseph 
edizioni Simon & Schuster collana Simon & Schuster (Paperback), 2006

With the FDA's warning that antidepressants may cause agitation, anxiety, hostility, and even violent or suicidal tendencies, these medications are at the forefront of national legal news. Harvard physician Joseph Glenmullen has led the charge to warn the public that antidepressants are overprescribed, underregulated,...

€ 16,80