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Braid Groups

Braid Groups

Kassel Christian  Turaev Vladimir 
edizioni Springer Verlag collana Springer Verlag (Hardcover), 2008

In this well-written presentation, motivated by numerous examples and problems, the authors introduce the basic theory of braid groups, highlighting several definitions that show their equivalence; this is followed by a treatment of the relationship between braids, knots and links. Important results then treat the...

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Braids and Self-Distributivity

Braids and Self-Distributivity

Dehornoy Patrick 
edizioni Springer Verlag collana (Hardcover), 2000

This is the award-winning monograph of the Sunyer i Balaguer Prize 1999. The book presents recently discovered connections between Artin's braid groups and left self-distributive systems, which are sets equipped with a binary operation satisfying the identity x(yz) = (xy)(xz). Although not a comprehensive course, the...

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