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Thank You Power

Thank You Power

Norville Deborah 
edizioni Thomas Nelson Inc collana Thomas Nelson Inc (Hardcover), 2007

A two-time Emmy Award-winning journalist offers groundbreaking and persuasive scientific evidence to prove that gratitude is the secret key to unlocking one's full life potential, sharing powerful personal stories of thank you power in action and teaching individuals how to incorporate that power into their own lives....

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Thank You So Much!

Thank You So Much!

Shea Chris 
edizioni Thomas Nelson Inc collana Thomas Nelson Inc (Hardcover), 2006

Everybody has a reason to offer a "thank you" to somebody for something: a first-grade teacher who taught them to read, a next door neighbor who lent three eggs, a grandmother who hand-knit a sweater, a dad who assembled that sporty new bike. Now, people who never took the time to offer proper thanks before will find...

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