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Shadows On A Wall

Shadows On A Wall

Masters Hilary 
edizioni Univ of Pittsburgh Pr collana Univ of Pittsburgh Pr (Hardcover)

Novelist and essayist Hilary Masters recreates a moment in 1940s Pittsburgh when circumstances, ideology, and a passion for the arts collided to produce a masterpiece in another part of the world.E. J. Kaufmann, the so-called "merchant prince" who commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, was a man whose hunger...

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Muralism Without Walls

Muralism Without Walls

Indych-lopez Anna 
edizioni Univ of Pittsburgh Pr collana (Hardcover)

The art of muralists Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros emerged after the violence of the Mexican Revolution. Beginning in the 1920s, promoters sought to bring the work of these artists to the U.S. public, who had acquired a newfound taste for Mexican culture. Muralism without Walls examines...

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