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Tell It With Pride

Tell It With Pride

Greenough Sarah  Anderson Nancy K.  Harris Lindsay (CON)  Ater Renee (CON)  Powell Richard J. (FRW) 
edizioni Yale Univ Pr collana Yale Univ Pr (Hardcover)

On July 18, 1863, six months after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, one of the first American units composed of African Americans stormed Fort Wagner in South Carolina, led by Colonel Robert Shaw Gould. Although the regiment suffered great losses, the Massachusetts 54th Volunteer...

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Benson Elizabeth P. (EDT) 
edizioni Yale Univ Pr collana Yale Univ Pr (Hardcover) , 2004

The tradition of portraiture in Latin America is astonishingly long and rich. For over 2,000 years, portraits have been used to preserve the memory of the deceased, bolster the social standing of the aristocracy, mark the deeds of the mighty, advance the careers of politicians, record rites of passage, and mock symbols...

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