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Suttle Tim 
edizioni Zondervan collana Zondervan (Paperback), 2014

Among followers of Jesus, great is often the enemy of good.The drive to be great—to be a success by the standards of the world—often crowds out the qualities of goodness, virtue, and faithfulness that should define the central focus of Christian leadership. In the culture of today’s church, successful leadership is...

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Ten Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing

Ten Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing

Surratt Geoff 
edizioni Zondervan collana Zondervan (Hardcover), 2009

Based on interviews with pastors of growing churches, as well as personal experience, this book identifies the most common mistakes pastors make that keep otherwise healthy churches from reaping the harvest God has prepared. Each chapter spotlights a common mistake, gives real-life examples, uses a generous dose of...

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Becoming a Contagious Church

Becoming a Contagious Church

Mittelberg Mark  Hybels Bill (FRW) 
edizioni Zondervan collana Zondervan (Paperback), 2007

Discover a Proven Approach to Raising Your Church's Evangelistic TemperatureEvangelism. It's one of the highest values in the church. So why do so few churches put real effort into it? Maybe it's because we don't understand the evangelistic potential of the church well enough to get excited about it. Becoming a Contagious...

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Evaluating The Church Growth Movement

Evaluating The Church Growth Movement

Towns Elmer L.  Van Gelder Craig  Van Engen Charles  Van Rheenen Gailyn  Snyder Howard  Engle Paul E. (EDT) 
edizioni Zondervan collana Zondervan (Paperback), 2004

Gaining form and momentum over the second half of the 20th century, the Church Growth movement has become an enormous shaping force on the Western church today. You may love it, you may hate it, but you can't deny its impact. But what exactly is Church Growth? In what ways has the movement actually brought growth to...

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Halter Hugh  Smay Matt 
edizioni Zondervan collana Zondervan (Paperback), 2010

AND, by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay, asks and provides an answer for one of the most important questions for church leaders today: What is happening to the church in America? By all appearances, it looks like we are 'doing' church better than we ever have. In the past thirty years the number of mega-churches has increased...

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