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Causes of War

Causes of War

Levy Jack S.  Thompson William R. 
edizioni Blackwell Pub , 2010

There are usually one-line reasons given for the cause of wars. The American Civil War, for instance, was "to free the slaves" or "to protect states rights" depending on the side. "Protecting our nation" has always been popular. Levy (political science, Rutgers University) and Thompson (political science, Indiana University)...

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War in the Age of Risk

War in the Age of Risk

Coker Christopher 
edizioni Blackwell Pub collana Blackwell Pub (Hardcover)

Wars throughout history have been fought in the name of ideology, religion and the pursuit of peace. Our thinking about war - when it is justified, how it should be fought and how it is perceived - has changed dramatically over time. Whereas in the past war has been seen as a battle of wills, this provocative and illuminating...

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