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Seed Genomics

Seed Genomics

Becraft Philip W. (EDT) 
edizioni Blackwell Pub, 2013

This up-to-date review of seed genomics, from basic seed biology to practical applications in crop science, provides a thorough background understanding of seed biology from a basic science perspective. A valuable resource for advanced graduate students, post-docs, researchers and professionals in the Plant and Crop...

€ 201,20
Introduction to Plant Population Biology

Introduction to Plant Population Biology

Silvertown Jonathan W.  Charlesworth Deborah 
edizioni Blackwell Pub, 2001

This completely revised, fourth edition of Introduction to Plant Population Biology continues the approach taken by its highly successful predecessors. Ecological and genetic principles are introduced and theory is made accessible by clear, accurate exposition with plentiful examples. Models and theoretical arguments...

€ 127,90