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Three Big Bangs

Three Big Bangs

Rolston Holmes III 
edizioni Columbia Univ Pr , 2010

"Three Big Bangs is a scientifically informed meditation on three major historical developments of complexity that led to the existence of human beings in an evolving universe, examining the degree to which these developments were inevitable or simply the result of chance. Holmes Rolston Ill brings to the task a profound...

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Epic of Evolution

Epic of Evolution

Chaisson Eric  Chaisson Lola Judith (ILT) 
edizioni Columbia Univ Pr , 2007

How did everything around us-the air, the land, the sea, and the stars-originate? What is the source of order, form, and structure characterizing all material things? These are just some of the grand scientific questions Eric J. Chaisson, author of the classic work Cosmic Dawn, explores in his enthralling and illuminating...

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