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Plant Meiosis

Plant Meiosis

Pawlowski Wojciech P. (EDT)  Grelon Mathilde (EDT)  Armstrong Susan (EDT) 
edizioni Humana Pr Inc, 2013

Meiosis is one of the most critical processes in eukaryotes, required for continuation of species and generation of new variation. In plants, meiotic recombination is by far the most important source of genetic variation. In Plant Meiosis: Methods and Protocols, expert researchers in the field detail methods for...

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Transgenic Plants

Transgenic Plants

Kumar Sandeep (EDT)  Barone Pierluigi (EDT)  Smith Michelle (EDT) 
edizioni Humana Pr Inc collana Humana Pr Inc (Hardcover), 2019

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Plant Stress Tolerance

Plant Stress Tolerance

Sunkar Ramanjulu (EDT) 
edizioni Humana Pr Inc collana Humana Pr Inc (Hardcover), 2010

A number of abiotic factors such as drought, salinity, extreme temperatures, low or high light intensity, and deficiency or toxic levels of nutrients have huge impacts on crop productivity, and a furthering of our understanding of the molecular, biochemical, and physiological basis of stress tolerance has been widely...

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Plant Genomics

Plant Genomics

Somers Daryl J. (EDT)  Langridge Peter (EDT)  Gustafson J. Perry (EDT) 
edizioni Humana Pr Inc, 2008

Plant genomics is a growing and constantly evolving field of study, one which has gained much ground in past years through the development of advanced research and data management tools. In Plant Genomics: Methods and Protocols, expert researchers explore the current issues and methodologies of this expanding field,...

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