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Plant Form

Plant Form

Bell Adrian D.  Bryan Alan (CON) 
edizioni Timber Pr, 2008

The ideal reference for students of botany and horticulture, gardeners, and naturalists. The diverse external shapes and structures that make up flowering plants can be bewildering and even daunting, as can the terminology used to describe them. An understanding of plant form—plant morphology—is essential to appreciating...

€ 46,20
Armitage's Native Plants for North American Gardens

Armitage's Native Plants for North American Gardens

Armitage A. M. 
edizioni Timber Pr, 2006

The popularity of native North American plants has soared in recent years, for many good reasons. Whatever draws you to native plants, you'll find no better or more authoritative guide than Allan Armitage. Widely acknowledged as one of the world's foremost horticulturists, Armitage describes more than 630 species and...

€ 42,50


Bone Michael  Johnson Dan  Kelaidis Panayoti  Kintgen Mike  Vickerman Larry G. 
edizioni Timber Pr collana Timber Pr (Hardcover), 2015

Steppes—semi-arid biomes dominated by forbs, grasses, and grass-like species, and characterized by extremes of cold and heat—occupy enormous areas on four continents. Yet these ecosystems are among the least studied on our planet. Given that the birth and evolution of human beings have been so intimately interwoven...

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Schultes Richard Evans (EDT)  Von Reis Siri (EDT) 
edizioni Timber Pr collana Timber Pr (Paperback), 2008

Published on the 100th anniversary of the science of ethnobotany, this volume provides a comprehensive summary of the history and current state of the field. The 36 articles present a truly global perspective on the theory and practice of today's ethnobotany.

€ 51,20