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Saying Yes to Change

Saying Yes to Change

Borysenko Joan 
edizioni Hay House Inc collana Hay House Inc (Hardcover), 2005

Change is both scary business and an inescapable fact of life. Everything is impermanent and eventually passes away. Some changes are natural, like aging through the lifecycle. Others are sudden and catastrophic, such as illness, bankruptcy, or the death of a loved one. Change is an opportunity to shed the limitations...

€ 15,50
The Art of Extreme Self-Care

The Art of Extreme Self-Care

Richardson Cheryl 
edizioni Hay House Inc collana Hay House Inc (Hardcover), 2009

This life-changing handbook by best-selling author Cheryl Richardson offers you 12 strategies to transform your life one month at a time. Designed as a practical, action-oriented program, each chapter challenges you to alter one behavior that keeps getting you in trouble. The book is filled with personal stories of...

€ 12,80