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A Path to Follow

A Path to Follow

Edwards Patricia A.  Pleasants Heather M.  Franklin Sarah H. 
edizioni Heinemann collana Heinemann (Paperback) , 1999

The diverse and difficult needs of today's children far outstrip the ability of any one institution to meet them. Yet one of the richest resources for understanding a child's early learning experiencesparentsis quite often the most frequently overlooked. A Path to Follow suggests that parent "stories" can be a highly...

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Helping With Math at Home

Helping With Math at Home

Parker Ruth E. 
edizioni Heinemann collana Heinemann (Paperback) , 2006

Parents want to be supportive of math education. But they often feel frustration when they don't recognize the kind of instruction their children are getting and can't help them at home. The best way to guide parents toward an understanding of how their kids are learning is by engaging them in the very same mathematics...

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