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Big Thicket People

Big Thicket People

Sitton Thad  Hunt C. E.  Johnston Maxine (FRW) 
edizioni Univ of Texas Pr collana Univ of Texas Pr (Hardcover), 2008

Living off the land--hunting, fishing, and farming, along with a range of specialized crafts that provided barter or cash income--was a way of life that persisted well into the twentieth century in the Big Thicket of southeast Texas. Before this way of life ended with World War II, professional photographer Larry Jene...

€ 27,10
Don't Make Me Go to Town

Don't Make Me Go to Town

Lashley Lopez Rhonda 
edizioni Univ of Texas Pr collana Univ of Texas Pr (Hardcover), 2011

Many people dream of "someday buying a small quaint place in the country, to own two cows and watch the birds," in the words of Texas ranchwoman Amanda Spenrath Geistweidt. But only a few are cut out for the unrelenting work that makes a family ranching operation successful. Don't Make Me Go to Town presents an eloquent...

€ 29,80
Harder Than Hardscrabble

Harder Than Hardscrabble

Sitton Thad (EDT) 
edizioni Univ of Texas Pr collana Univ of Texas Pr (Hardcover), 2004

Until the U.S. Army claimed 300-plus square miles of hardscrabble land to build Fort Hood in 1942, small communities like Antelope, Pidcoke, Stampede, and Okay scratched out a living by growing cotton and ranching goats on the less fertile edges of the Texas Hill Country. While a few farmers took jobs with construction...

€ 24,30
From Uncertain to Blue

From Uncertain to Blue

Carter Keith (PHT)  Foote Horton (INT)  Carter Patricia (CON) 
edizioni Univ of Texas Pr collana Univ of Texas Pr (Hardcover)

"In the beginning, there was no real plan, just a road trip that became a journey." In the years 1986 and 1987, Keith Carter and his wife, Patricia, visited one hundred small Texas towns with intriguing names like Diddy Waw Diddy, Elysian Fields, and Poetry. He says, "I tried to make my working method simple and practical:...

€ 49,70